CS Fire Monitor v1.6.3
Changes to v.1.6.3
Snap to grid options now for the program and mini monitors (was always on before v1.6.1 but was removed, due to user request they are now back but with a on, off option).
Once again fixed the screen saver, seems when cs fire monitor is ran as a service windows blocks the communication between the two, this is now fixed. The screen saver connects through to cs fire monitor through port 1979 on with the UDP protocol. This way it can pull the data without causing to much overhead, and cs fire monitor will only send the data when requested from the screen saver also cutting down on overhead. The reason for is for security, no one can connect to you on
Removed the option to display when the taskbar was created, was used to tell when explorer crashed. But since the program can be ran a service and is loaded before explorer then it always displays the alert. It has been removed since it was annoying and pretty much useless.
CS Fire Monitor v1.6.2
Minior upate, fixed screen saver bug. Data couldnt be read if a screen saver password was enabled.
The setup is still v1.6.1 and wont be updated for such a small update. Simply use the updater in CS Fire Monitor and it will auto download and install the update.
CS Fire Monitor v1.6.1
Changes to v.1.6.1
Fixed sorting issue, program now sorts numbers and dates correctly in all reports and lists.
Fixed sorting issue, program now sorts bandwidth totals correctly from bytes to Terabytes.
Added "Grand Total" to the bandwidth reports.
Program can now be set to startup as a service or at login. When ran as a service the program will run without having to login, great for servers. This allows for non stop monitoring of the system. The service simply loads CS Fire Monitor, after 10 sec. it closes itself since it is no longer needed, freeing up resources. You can set which startup to use under the main settings of the program.
Fixed mini monitors bug, wasn’t always remembering the last position.
Updated The help file and made it online.
Updated screen saver.
More Minor tweaks.
Quick note, if you use the CS Fire Monitor Screen saver, CS Fire Monitor must be running for the screen saver to get the data.
CS Fire Monitor v1.6.1 and later can now start as a service. So if you have the program start as a service you can also change the default logon screen screen saver to the CS Fire Monitor screen saver using this easy method from Microsoft.
CS Fire Monitor v1.6.0.
New version is out!
Changes to v.1.6.0
Program now auto compacts and reindexes the stats database every time the program is closed. Thus lowering the size of the database and speeding it up (Since the database doesn’t ever grow very big it never takes long to do, typical use is the database grows to over 3MB after a time or so and after compacting it goes to 300kb).Added option to set width size of graph under graph settings. Completely redid email code and settings in the program, giving better performance, memory usage. Added options for bandwidth speed, You can now choose what speed to show such as bytes and bits. Added System Wide shortcut keys to open mini monitors (User can enable and disable hotkeys). Added new screen saver option, This screen saver will take no cpu and show some of the current monitors. Program now remembers if and where the mini monitors are open. Added more date formats. Added more "Quick Tools" under system tray icon.
CS Fire Monitor v1.6.0 is just about done. Added some changes per user requests, also added a few more tweaks for better performance to it. I am also working on a screen saver that will work CS Fire Monitor. Basicly it will take no cpu to run (Whats the point of a screen saver that takes 100% cpu?) and it will show some of the current monitors like cpu, memory and bandwidth. Pretty simple really, it will just move a box around the screen every few sec. showing the stats. I think it would be kind of useful if you like to keep track of things. I will try to "pretty" the screen saver up for some of you out that that likes looks :-)
New update of CS Fire Monitor in the works.
Sorry for the long delay, given the holidays me being sick, and a new baby on the way my time has grown a little short.
I have started on a new update for the program, I am adding a new tasks monitor that can check for certain running processes and end them if you like automatically. Also adding a few more customization options to the program. I will be adding even more to it before the next release of v1.6.0.
So far v1.5.2 has been running great with now bugs reported.
New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.5.2
In this update a few things have been added.
Per a user request, you can now save as many templates as you like. Also added more keywords for templates to include all reports. Update the help file. Updated the template file to include all keywords. Added option to hide connection name in bandwidth monitor.
Added a new settings tab where you can customize saving the reports.
Some other minor tweaks and fixes.
Of course as always use the updater in the program to get the new update.
New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.5.1
This is a huge update for the program.
Added some new auto save features for the bandwidth reports, also fixed and added some small things. The biggest change is now the program stores all its settings in the registry instead of the settings.ini file. This has shown a big improvement in startup performance for the program.
Also I updated the updates to take your settings from the ini file and put them into the registry when you do a update from the program and you have version 1.5.0 or earlier. I also had to redo the setup program for the new changes. When you uninstall the program the registry keys will be removed. So if you have any trouble saving your settings email me ASAP.
Of course use the updater in the program to get the new update as the new setup will over write your settings. One last thing, the program can now safely be run on Windows 2000. I have the program set to simply disable the Netstats in the program if it is running on a 2000 machine.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.5.0
Added new task monitor for processes.
The program can now auto set the process priority for any selected process.
Once again use the updater in the program to get the new version.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.4.5
This is a minor update.
Redid the splash screen to look better,
Added a "open process path" for processes from the right click menu,
After being full screen, and returning to normal size, it now remebers the programs postion before resizing instead of making it center.
Other minor graphical and bug fixes.
Once again use the updater in the program to get the new version.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.4.4
Added option to include computer name in emails under email settings,
Fix a small graphical issue with the tabs blending in and being hard to see,
Added option to make mini monitors always on top,
Added option to disable alert windows (also added a shortcut in the system tray).
Once again use the updater in the program to get the new version.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.4.3
Moved a few things around in the program, such as update, for easier understanding for some users.
Also THERE IS NO SPYWARE, ADWARE or VIRUSES in this program!
The only things installed are for the program to run. NOTHING MORE.
Once again use the updater in the program to get the new version.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.4.2
Added more date and time formats as per request from a user.
If you would like something added to the program, just ask!
Once again use the updater in the program to get the new version.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.4.1
Fixed a very minor bug with auto save templates.
Once again use the updater in the program to get the new version.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.4.0
New to version 1.4.0 you can now use templates to out put current stats from the program. Great for web servers and many others.
 You can make your own templates. The program will scan the template and replace the keywords with the correct information. Also you may view the template with version 1.4.0 as a example.
Also added new mini monitors, redid processes for faster response.
Once again use the updater in the program to get the new version.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.3.0
In this new version you can now resize the program. Also added roll effects. Also redid the setup and dropped it from 8.4 MB to 3.85 MB.
Once again use the updater in the program to get the new version.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.2.1
As per request you can now change the date format in the program, also you can set authentication for the SMTP server.
Once again use the updater in the program to get the new version.

New version of CS Fire Monitor v1.2.0
This new version now has over 15 colors options. Now if you don't like the standard black and white look, change it!
Also 2 new mini monitors. More updates to come!
And as of course just use the update in the program if you already have CS Fire Monitor installed.

Crofts Software is now also producing Active-X controls.
New Control released - CS Control Blend v1.0.0
CS Control Blend is a active-x control for Visual Basic. This control uses no API's and uses VERY little memory. And of course the less memory your program uses the better. What this control can do is set any control or object with some kind of picture or image property to what the parent object (Such as the form or a picture box) background is that the control is covering up, thus having it blend. This is a very easy control to use, only one function to call and your done.

New Version of CS Fire Monitor is underway.
New version 1.5 is now in the works. This version will include new "Mini Monitors", small progress bars that run seperate from the main program. But the program must be running. Also the program will now be skinnable. You will be able to make and choose a skin of your own for the program. More news as the new version progresses.

New website is up and running.
As you can see the website has had a complete overhaul
I hope this will make things a little easier to use and look a little more professional at the same time.

CS Fire Monitor v.1.1.1 Released.
More information in the forums.
Yes I know this is another fast release, but this simply fixes a bug in the bandwidth monitor
when you go over 2 GB it jumps a extra 2 GB in the monitor. This was found to be a problem when
the Windows API returns a negative number. This has been fixed and tested! So it works :-)
Of course you don't need to redownload the setup. just run the updater.
If you have the auto update turned on in the program it will update itself.

CS Fire Monitor v1.1.0 Released.
If you already have the program installed simply use the updater in the program if you don't
have the auto update enabled, No need to redownload the new setup.
Added more features and system tweaks. More updates to come with new features!

We need download mirror sites!
CS Fire Monitor has grown in popularity so fast that over 27 gigs
of bandwidth have been used in just 2 days!
If this keeps up the website wont be up for the remainder of the month.
So if you would like to host the CS Fire Monitor program on your site as a direct download
please email us and let us know!

Due to the very high amount of bandwidth and popularity of CS Fire Monitor
many of the old programs of this site have been removed. Either because they are outdated
or simply have no need for anymore. If you wish to still get a copy of one of the removed programs that you already
have just email us and we will send it to you. The CPU & Bandwidth Monitor & CS Email Notifier have also been removed
since CS Fire Monitor has these tools, is free and is more up to date.

CS Fire Monitor v1.1.0 is currently under way.
There will be over 2 dozen added tasks added to the tasks monitor.
Alert windows have been added. Some program tweaks, Also external window reports will be added (the user will have a option to view a full screen report instead of just the current non-sizable ones) We have got some great feedback so far. And we are adding new things all the time. Only one thing can not be added and that is resizing. There are over 600 controls in the program, to resize, code will have to be added for all controls, this would be a huge amount of code and make the program huge and a memory hog. So for features that users wish to view something bigger, we will add separate forms that can be resized. Right now only reports will have those

CS Fire Monitor is now at v1.0.9
See Picture
Added more systray tooltip options, added scan IP address at startup,
and reports auto refresh if haven't been refreshed at least once.

CS Fire Monitor is now at v1.0.8
Redid Bandwidth reports, improved memory usage, faster start time, and better error handling,
also changed auto update to check every 7 days instead every day.

CS Fire Monitor is now at v1.0.5
Some new features and enhancements.

CS Fire Monitor is now at v1.0.3
Added a new Auto Update feature and more save options for reports.
Also fixed a few minor bugs. Run the update program to update your copy
or download the new setup in the download section.

CS Fire Monitor is finished and ready to download.
This program is free, so if you find it useful please donate to help keep it going.
Go to the forums or email us if you would like something added to the program
or to report a bug or some feedback.
If you would like to view some info on it click here.

NEW!! Forums and Chat have now been added to the site.
Also a new project has been started - CS Fire Monitor.
CS Fire monitor is in the works to be one of the best system monitoring tools out there. More to come soon.
Also the program will be free! So we will accept donations once the program is finished.
We want to work with as many people as we can to continually add
to the program and make it grow to its full potential.
In reality the program will never truly be finished as it will always be
changing to make it better!

New version of CS IMail Tools v1.0.6
Added ability to specify https:// or any other path that the web link
may lead to that doesn't use http://


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